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You can hire Stefan for TJing in your milonga. At the moment he's regularily TJing the first few hours of the Saturday salon & the Sunday brunch-salons in El Corte (Nijmegen). Besides that he is TJing at the following places:


October 18th Milonga La Roca in Amersfoort, NL
September 27th Encuentro 2014 at The Magic Roundabout in Bristol, UK
September 6th "Tango with Friends" at Tango aux Frontières in Mouscron, Belgium
June 22nd La cita de los amigos 2014 in Emines, Belgium
May 1st Festivalito with Michelle & Joachim in Amersfoort, NL
March 27th-30th Riga Tango Marathon 3 in Riga, Latvia
Februray 9th Eröffnungsevent des El Beso im Con Corazon in Münster, Germany


December 28th "Eindhoven meets NL" in Scala, Eindhoven
December 15th "Tango-Café in Roermond" organized by Ilona & Salvador Rios
December 14th "Salon in de Geertekerk" organized by La Zapada (Utrecht)
September 18th "La Milonga Que Faltaba" at Mala Junta (Berlin)
September 14th Camtango Milonga in Cambridge, UK
March 31st Doble Ocho Festival in El Corte (Nijmegen)


October 18th-21st International Tango Festival in Kiev, Ukraine
August 19th Milonga Sommerwind in Chapiteau Düsseldorf
June 1st-4th Edinburgh International Tango Festival
May 16th 4D Festival in Eindhoven
April 1st Doble Ocho Festival in El Corte (Nijmegen)
March 24th Tango @ Dauphine in Amsterdam
February 10th Tango Tangente in Kehl


April 24th Doble Ocho Festival in El Corte (Nijmegen)
April 10th Cuartito Azul in Rotterdam
February 10th Festivalito Tango Tangente


June 18th Festivalito Mis Amores
June 6th TJ-workshop & TJing at theTango Touch in Utrecht
March 21th Doble Ocho Festival in El Corte (Nijmegen)
March 13th Evening milonga in Malta


July 13th-18th Summer Tango Festival in Randers, Denmark
June 25-28th Roma Tango Meeting in Rome
May 2nd Mayday in El Corte
March 29th Doble Ocho Festival in El Corte (Nijmegen)
March 15th Tango 11 in Amsterdam


December 21th Tango 11 (Amsterdam)
October 25th Tango Colón (Cologne)
October 10th-12th Marathon Paris Aires (Paris)
May 31th 4 Seasons All-Night-Milonga in Cambridge.
March 23th Doble Ocho Festival in El Corte (Nijmegen)
January 18th Noche de Tango in Tanzhaus NRW (Düsseldorf)


November 24th Tango Colón (Cologne)
August 23th Sunset-Sunrise-Salon in El Corte (Nijmegen)
April 28th Tango Colón (Cologne)
March 18th Doble Ocho Festival in El Corte (Nijmegen)
February 23th-25th Tango 59° Marathon (Stockholm)


November 25th Tango Salon Manchester (Manchester)
October 7th Chained Salon in El Corte (Nijmegen)
September 23th Tango Colón (Cologne)
March 26th Doble Ocho Festival in El Corte (Nijmegen)
March 4th Chained Salon in El Corte (Nijmegen)
February 25th Tango Colón (Cologne)


November 25th Tango Bristol (Stockholm)
September 27th Tango op Strand West (Amsterdam)
August 11th-13th Tango 59° (Stockholm)
May 21th Tango Salon Manchester (Manchester)
May 14th Cambridge Tango (Cambridge)
April 10th Doble Ocho Festival 2005 (Nijmegen)
March 26th Malmö Tangofestival 2005 (Malmö)
March 5th Chained Salon in El Corte (Nijmegen)
February 19th Tango Artango Cosmos (Cologne)


December 29th Tangomagia 2004 (Amsterdam)
October 29th-30th Milonga 'El Baile del Cielo' (Copenhagen). It is an unbelievable experience to TJ in a church!!!
August 1st-13th During the Carpe Diem Festival (Lund/Sweden)
April 25th Tango Colón (Cologne)

Favorites of the Day

Stefan was once asked from TJ colleagues from El Corte what his favorites are and he only could give them the "favorites of the day" because there are so many wonderful songs in the Tango that he falls in love with different songs every day :) So here we go with the favorites of today (please don't expect that I update them on a daily basis - it seems to be more on a monthly basis ;-) )


  1. Al Cerrar Los Ojos - Manuel Buzón con Amadeo Mandarino
  2. Yo No Sé Porque Razón - Enrique Rodriguez con Armando Moreno
  3. Cuando El Amor Muere - Carlos Di Sarli con Carlos Acuña
  4. Dominio - Orquesta Típica Victor
  5. Nunca Más - Francisco Lomuto con A.H. Acuña y Fernando Diaz


  1. Valsecito Amigo - Francisco Canaro con Eduardo Adrián
  2. Un Placer - Aníbal Troilo
  3. Tu Pálida Voz - Francisco Canaro con Carlos Roldán
  4. Tu Olvido - Ricardo Tanturi con Roberto Videla y Osvaldo Ribó
  5. Celoso Por Tí - Julio De Caro


  1. Chunga Que Sí, Chunga Que No - Enrique Rodriguez con Armando Moreno
  2. Pena Mulata - Carlos Di Sarli con Roberto Rufino
  3. La Vida Es Una Milonga - Pedro Laurenz con Martín Podestá
  4. Rosa Carmín - Juan Carlos Cobián con Jorge Cardoso
  5. Milongón - Francisco Canaro

Finally some special music

  1. Soy Marco - Alberto Iglesias
  2. Marlene - 17 Hippies
  3. Néo Réalisma De La Habanera - Pascal Comelade
  4. Georgia (The Gold Rush) - Quadro Nuevo
  5. Borges Y Paraguay - Bajofondo